Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Brief Word After The Long Silence

    Wow, 2013 ended on a really bad note for me- then 2014 started worse.  Someone very dear to me died last year, and my Grandfather whom I've been living with died this month.  The holiday season always sucks, has for a long time, and continued that trend last year.  So things have not been going terribly well, which led to the blog getting pushed onto the back burner.  I'm going to try to finish the projects I started and post something soon, most of the drama has died down so I can think again.  But, for the one or two of you who have followed this blog, I'm still around and while things have been bad I'm hopeful that they will soon turn around.  So, for my gentle readers, please stay tuned and I apologize for the delay.

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