Friday, April 3, 2015

Marvel Heroes 2015 Easter Egg Hunt

    My friend Aaron got me playing the Marvel Heroes MMO.  It's basically Diablo 3 with superheroes, I mean, really.  They just started a new event this week in honor of easter, the Easter Egg Hunt - a challenge to find some of the "easter eggs" the developers have put in the game that refer to other people/places and things.  I have not been able to find a good list of where to find them, so I decided to start my own.  I've only found about half the list so far, but here it is...

  • Recruit S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Karl Patrick
He's in the Prologue: The Raft, standing near/talking to another SHIELD agent, you have to click on him a few times to get him to follow you.
  • Break into Bajillion World Headquarters
 This is a treasure room in Hell's Kitchen, take the waypoint to Chapter 1 SHIELD Rooftop Checkpoint and just wander the map.
  • Thrash Thrill-Kill Karin
  • Frag Flash-Bang Bridget
These two spawn together in the Chapter 1 Abandoned Subway on the way to fight Shocker.  They should be right after you cross a bridge over the subway tracks after the start of the map.
  • Interrogate Criminal Mastermind Geoff Tuffli
Chapter 4 Upper East Side, the police station near the waypoint.  He's in a room in the back, click on him to compete.
  • Interrupt Production of Romeo and Juliet
In Chapter 4 Lower East Side you'll find a theater, it's not a treasure room, but it is big enough for you to walk inside it.  On the stage is Romeo reading lines (badly), after a second he'll turn into a mutant, kill him for the win.
  • Grab a Drink at the Power Plant
The Power Plant is a treasure room off the Morlock Tunnels (forgot what chapter), inside is a bartender, talk to him to complete.
  • Purify Brother Ryolnir
Chapter 6 Training Camp, Mine Shaft treasure room. Apparently only 2 of 3 treasure rooms spawn for this map so you may have to try several times to get it.
  • Cut in Line for Bubble Tea
Chapter 3 Lowtown, talk to any person in line to complete.
  • Beatdown Baron von Lind
He spawns somewhere on the Midtown Manhattan map, he's an elite Hydra agent (yellow, flying) - wander until you find and kill him.
  • Extirpate Hybrid Agent Donais
Apparently he is in the X-defense challenge, in the Brood wave - I haven't been able to get him yet though.
  • End Lonely Trevor's Ennui
 Chapter 6 Training Camp, Shooting Gallery treasure room ; you have to break all the targets within 35 seconds to get him to spawn - I haven't been able to get him to verify yet myself.
  • Keelhaul Che Luck
Chapter 8 Doomstadt Outer Village, Lieber's Brewery treasure room.  Go upstairs and shoot the dresser to get to a hidden room, kill him to complete.

    If you know where any of the ones I'm missing are, please comment below - or start a forum thread/page of your own so we call all find them. According to some people in the chat, treasure rooms are apparently random spawns, so you may have to switch difficulty level or characters to reset the map if one isn't appearing.

UPDATE: Emma Hartley posted a great link in the comments to a forum page with all the locations.

LATEST UPDATE: I've gotten all of these except for Agent Donais, been spamming X-defense solo and still no luck.  This is why I hate games that rely on random number crap - I don't love this game so much that I want to play it for hours and hours just to hopefully get one lucky spawn or drop.  I'll keep trying from time to time, but I'm not going to drive myself crazy over it - I could be re-writing 13th Age instead ;)


  1. Geoff Tuffli - Upper East Police HQ
    Power Plant - Morlock Underground

    Haven't found the rest, can't find the damn mine shaft place either.

  2. Never mind just found all the locations here!