Saturday, June 6, 2015

Almost Three Years

    Oh my goodness, I was poking around the blog and realized that next month is going to be my three year anniversary.  With only 92 posts I have not exactly been busy (or consistent) in posting over those years (only slightly better than 1 post a month, ouch, that's a terrible schedule).  I have enjoyed having this blog, even though according to my stats not many people read it - except for my post on the Marvel Heroes Easter Egg hunt, that was my managing to get something out at just the right time, and felt pretty cool to be one of the first blogging/writing about the event.
    In all, looking back, the last three years have been pretty crazy.  Finding the motivation to work on the blog has been hard - between wondering if anyone cared and not playing any games as often as I'd like - but it has always been nice to know that it is there.  I have so many crazy ideas bouncing around in my head, I can't stop them, about games and such that it is nice to have someplace to let them roam free.  I don't know if the next three years are going to be much better than the last in terms of content, but I'll try.  Currently my old MicroLite Fantasy idea is merging with 13th Age and Fate Accelerated Edition into some sort of Frankenstein Monster that I am only beginning to understand.  All while I'm looking for a new job, and dealing with the ending of a relationship (through my own damn fault).  So the next three years are likely to be just as crazy.
    I do want to say though, to my gently readers, thank you.  Thank you for checking out my little corner of crazytown - even if you don't want to stay I appreciate the visit.  And for any long term readers out there, thank you very much for keeping an eye out on my humble blog.  I hope I have managed to write something you found thought provoking or at least amusing.

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