Friday, May 17, 2013

My First Anthology

    I got my first story idea over 20 years ago in my Freshman year of High School.  Since then I've written about 30 short stories and one novella/short novel (not sure where the word count puts it, wrote it on a manual typewriter).  At the advise and encouragement of my Mother I decided to self-publish my first anthology.  It is short, only 87 pages and 8 short stories.  It's just something to pass a bit of time on a slow afternoon with.  The stories are a mix of fantasy and science fiction, in modern-day and fantastic settings.  I think that these are the best 8 stories I've written and would not have to jump off a bridge if a stranger read them.

    If you have a Kindle, you can find it here (it costs a whopping 99 cents):

    For those without a Kindle, here is a link to a PDF version.  I do have the donation button on the right side of this blog and would ask for the same 99 cents it's listed for on the Kindle store please:

    If you have any thoughts on it, feel free to leave a comment below.

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