Monday, July 27, 2015

Post #101

    I kind of clebrated my almost 3rd year and almost 100th post (think it was #93) a little while ago.  So I didn't want to distract my actual 100th post and just past 3rd year in my really long breakdown of 13th Age.  But here, let me say it, happy birthday to me for hitting 100 posts and 3 years since starting the blog.  Crazy but fun.
    Also, I wanted to write because I added a "Pathfinder" tag and so had to go back and re-tag a whole bunch of old posts - apologies if that means your feed reader pulled up a duplicate of any old material.  I should have made that particular tag a long time ago but somehow over-looked it.
    Not much to say, hope you are all doing well :)

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