Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stuff You Might Have Missed: Archetypology

    I have not totally fallen off the earth :-) Life has been pretty crazy for the last few months, so blogging has fallen by the wayside. But something recently reminded me of an interesting series I thought I'd give some publicity. On RPG.net there was a series titled ARCHETYPOLOGY 101: FACT, FICTION, & FALLACIES. The author talked about the fantasy origins or archetypes of some fantasy RPG classes and races. It was a very cool series and I wish it had been longer. I'm going to post the links to it below in case you, gentle reader, find it as fascinating as I did:

#1: Who Are You?
#2: Episode 1 - Holy Rollers
#3: Episode 2 - Elves Have Left The Building
#4: Episode 3 - Thick as Thieves
#5: Episode 4 - In a Hole in the Ground...
#6: Episode 5 - Rebel Without a CAWS
#7: Episode 6 - Kings Under the Mountain
#8: Episode 7 - Roll Up for the Magical Mystery Tour
#9: Episode 8 - To Be Orc Not To Be
#10: Episode 9 - Death Before Dishonor
#11: Episode 10 - Human, All Too Human

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