Monday, March 14, 2016

The Homeless Nerd reviews - Zootopia

What is it? Animated movie about anthropomorphic animals, aimed at kids but can work for adults

    If there is one type of story I love most it is the funny story with a serious core. This is why I love Terry Pratchett novels so much, he would write a series of comedic events, but they would have a very serious and deep meaning. Like his book Small Gods that examines the difference between religion and spirituality by the adventures of a god that becomes a turtle. This is different from funny stories that have serious moments, or serious stories that have funny moments. It's subtle, and not something that can be defined so much as experienced.
  Zootopia is one of these kinds of stories. The alternate Earth with no humans, just evolved animals is a great comedic setting - but under that is a great thread about racism, fear and prejudice. It should appeal to the kids who watch it, and the adults who think about it.
  Technically, the voice acting is great, the pacing is spot in, it never feels slow or boring. The CGI is sharp and creates a great sense of place. All around it is a great movie.

My recommendation: worth paying full price for, it's that good.

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