Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Homeless Nerd Reviews - The Lego Batman Movie

What is it?  Everybody's favorite (or at least well known) dark and broody superhero from The Lego Movie gets his own spin-off film.  Funny, but with some really dramatic moments and great emotional undercurrent.

    Holy Moley I loved this movie, and Batman is not even one of my favorite characters.  I cannot believe how deftly the writing team pulled off hitting so many character notes that are at the heart of the dark knight, but in such a funny and entertaining way.
    I've mentioned before how I love stories that do not see-saw between comedy and drama, but are one with a great foundation of the other.  This is that in spades.  It is not only a funny movie with a lot of heart (I cried a little at one point, if you don't then you've never lost someone dear to you), but it even took that same approach and applied to the character of Batman himself.  Using the dark and broody source material they built this wonderful comedic frame on top of it - that actually makes this one of the best Batman stories in my opinion.  It also has a great take on why he's run around with one 'Boy Wonder' after another in his career.  It is really a treat to watch, and very much in the same style as The Lego Movie, so if you liked that odds are you'll like this.

My recommendation: I got this one from Redbox, and it was some of the best $2 I've ever spent; see it, wherever you get it from, see it.

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