Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Great Article About Being Poor

    Lifehacker is one of the sites I visit every day.  You can find all kinds of great articles about how to do all sorts of things in day to day life.  So when I read this article I had to link to it myself.

Being Poor Is Too Expensive - Lifehacker

    This isn't the usual tips and tricks, instead it's a very interesting look at some of the difficulties of being poor.  The thing is, in my experience, being homeless or poor is actually a lot harder than most people think.  There are a lot of different factors at work, not just economic but also often psychological.  The stereotype is that homeless people are alcoholics, but actually mental illness may be far more common.
    So what? I hear you ask.  Well, nothing really.  This is just a great look into a lifestyle that hopefully you cannot relate to yourself - if so you have led a blessed life.  If you have been there, well it's just kind of nice to know that you haven't been the only one.

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