Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Music I Like- Blue October

    These guys are a little depressing, but I really like their music.  If you are in a bad spot in your life, or have ever been, odds are you can relate to at least some of their lyrics.

"Hate Me"
    I totally get this song, though my addiction is not booze.  I sincerely hope that you don't get this song, or feel this way, as much as I do.

"Bleed Out"
    For when you feel like your relationship is killing you.  I have never known this song personally, but I have been the one doing the cutting.

"Not Broken Anymore"
    Not all of their songs are about pain and heartbreak, but they seem to be kind of deep no matter what.  I like this song a lot, though the lyrics a little confusing.  It seems like the singer talking to himself, but it's phrased a little odd I think.  Still, great song.

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