Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1 Character, 13 Systems - Part 10: Marvel Super Heroes

    I described my character, Korsanian, in a previous post here
    While I'm messing around with systems I decided to go with a blast from the past and the original Marvel Super Heroes system:

Books Used: Advanced Player's Handbook, The Ultimate Powers Book
Approximate time to create: 30 min

Korsanian Vambrae  -  Humanoid Race
Origin of Powers: Energy Exposure

Fighting-  Good (8)
Agility-  Typical (5)
Strength-  Feeble (1)
Endurance-  Excellent (16)
Reason-  Amazing (46)
Intuition-  Excellent (16)
Psyche-  Remarkable (26)

Health: 30
Karma: 88
Resources: Poor (3)
Popularity: Good (8)

Weakness: Energy Allergy, Fatal, Limited Duration After Contact (to positive/holy energy)

Magic Detection-  Excellent (16)
Magic Control: Negation-  Remarkable (26)
Force Field vs Magic-  Good (8)

Bows  (+1 CS to hit)
Occult Lore (+1 CS to Reason involving magic)
Detective/Espionage (+1 CS to discover clues)

Wizard's Guild (mystic)
Agent who's infiltrated a dark cult (espionage)

    Boy this brings back memories.  I only played a little Marvel back in High School, but making this character reminds me of happy times (and some very crazy adventures).  But, more importantly, how did he turn out?  Pretty good.  I rolled all his abilities, and got almost exactly what I wanted except for his Endurance being a little higher than I'd like (no big deal).  I used the character creation rules in The Ultimate Powers Book, which included having to roll a weakness, but I actually like how it turned out.  Because of the curse within him he takes damage from holy energy, but only up to a point (the 'limited duration' means it doesn't hurt the whole time exposed, just for a few turns) - I would not have thought of that, but it works.  I rolled his number of powers but picked them so I could get the right character (with over 100 powers in the ultimate book I'd guarantee not getting the ones I wanted on a random roll).  I like the force field vs magic, it limits all magic in an area around him, along with the specific magic control:negation to do his counterspell effects.  Likewise I rolled his number of talents and picked them, and the Detective talent worked well with his concept, again in a way I had not imagined.  The idea that he is searching for whomever made the curse could be played as a detective story - and the talent gave an extra contact who was 'espionage' so I thought up an undercover agent in an evil cult, which added another nice touch to the character.  I have always loved, loved, loved how Marvel used descriptive ranks along with specific numbers.  It's why one of the first things I created for Travellers Beyond was our own descriptive ranks system.  Adding a little word just makes everything easier to see.  Of course +3 is better than -2, but Amazing compared to Feeble is much more intuitive and adds something nice to the sheet (Fate does something similar but only uses it in one specific place on the character sheet).
    There is not a lot to the sheet, but it makes good use of what's there.  Stayed pretty close to the concept, just missing the alchemy and his animal companion, which is sad.  Overall it is satisfactory.  And even with me stumbling around the book it did not take long to make.

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