Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1 Character, 13 Systems - Part 11: Riddle of Steel

    I described my character, Korsanian, in a previous post here
    I wanted to try as many different magic systems as possible, so now let's go to The Riddle of Steel:

Books Used: The Riddle of Steel core rulebook
Approximate time to create: 55 min

Korsanian Vambrae
A- Skills (6/6)
B- Gifted Human
C- Proficiencies & Vagarities (6)
D- 1 minor gift and flaw
E- Attributes (31)
F- Prisoner/Slave

Strength  2
Agility  2
Toughness  2
Endurance  2
Health  2
Willpower  5
Wit  4
Mental Aptitude  4
Social  3
Perception  4

Spiritual Attributes:
Luck  1
Conscience  2
Drive (break the curse)  2
Faith (nature deity)  1
Passion (freedom and life)  1

Reflex  3
Aim  3
Knockdown  2
Knockout  4
Move  3
Kaa  4
Form  4
Art  3
Discipline  4
Draw  3

Skills:  Woodsman/Ranger + Academic
Hunting  5
Tracking  7
Survival  6
Scrounging  6
Animal guise  6
Herbalist  7
Orienteering  5
Sneak  7
Camouflage  7
Climbing  7
Swimming  5
Ancient Languages  6
Read & write  5
Orate  6
Research  6
Etiquette  5
Arcane Knowledge  6
Occult Lore  6
language  6
language  6
Arcane Theory  6
Craft/Trade   6
Meditation  6
Disguise  6

Flaws: Little
Gifts: Allies (minor)

Combat Pool- 3
  Missile weapon (crossbow) 1
Missile Pool- 4

Banishing  2
Imprisoning  2
Vision  1

    This was my first Riddle of Steel character, but I can't say that I'm terribly impressed.  There are way too many attributes; do toughness, endurance and health really need to be three different measures?  Plus all the derived attributes on top of the basic 10?  The spiritual attributes are a great idea, but I'm not too impressed in execution.  The Fate system of 5 aspects would go a lot better there instead.  And there are a lot of skills.  Riddle is most noted for its very detailed combat system, and since I'm not making a combat-based character I am not a good fit.  I do like the priorities, I liked it when I first saw it back in the original Shadowrun game.  I ended up making a human just because I didn't like the sidhe/elves in this setting.  And while the combat system may be incredibly detailed, the magic system is incredibly vague.  From reading the sorcery section I'm not entirely sure what the hell I could cast or how.  This seems like GURPS to me, a whole lot of detail but I don't really feel that I've gained anything worthwhile from it.
    On the other hand, since this is my first character and I've never played the game before, I just might not be experienced enough to appreciate what the system has to offer.  It may be a great game, the character creation has just left me a little unimpressed.

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