Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1 Character, 13 Systems - Part 8: Hero System

    I described my character, Korsanian, in a previous post here
    Back to high-detail with the Hero System rules:

Books Used: Hero System Basic Rulebook (6th ed)
Approximate time to create: 1 hr, 40 min

Korsanian Vambrae  -  Cursed Wood Elf, Magic-Negating Alchemist
Heroic (175 pts, 50 pts Complications)

Strength  5  [-5]
Dexterity  5  [-5]
Constitution  5  [-5]
Intelligence  15  [5]
Ego  15  [5]
Presence  10

Offensive Combat Value  3
Defensive Combat Value  5  [10] (bonus due to small size)
Offensive Mental Combat Value  3
Defensive Mental Combat Value  5  [6]  (strong-willed)
Speed  2  (acts on Segments 6, 12)

Physical Defense  2
Energy Defense  2
Recovery  4
Endurance  35  [3]
Body  10
Stun   20

Movement:  12m Running, 4m Swimming, 4m Leaping

Animal Handler  11-  [3]
Deduction  12-  [3]
Knowledge (arcana)  11-  [2]
Navigation  12-  [3]
Survival  12-  [3]
Tracking  12-  [3]
Inventor (alchemist)  12-  [3]
Science (alchemy)  11-  [2]
Weapon Familiarity:  Common Melee  [2], Common Ranged  [2]

Contact- Wizard's Guild  12-  [3]
Follower- faelynx  (75 pts total build)  [15]

Eidetic Memory  [5]

[15 pts, 2 END]  Dispel Magic - dispel any one magic spell/power at a time, 5d6  [15], 150m range
[20 pts, 3 END]  Suppress Magic Item - must pay END cost every phase to maintain, 3d6  [30], 300m range, Costs END (maintenance, -1/4)
[20]  Detect Magic [5] - Discriminatory  [5], Ranged [5], 360-degree [5]
[10]  Mental Defense 10 pts  [10] (since powers get sucked into him)
[4 pts, 1 END]  Quarterstaff - +2d6 HtH Damage [10], Based on Str (-1/4), Obvious Accessible Focus (-1)
[13 pts]  Crossbow - Ranged Killing Attack 2d6  [30], Physical damage, 300m range, Obvious Accessible Focus (-1), 12 Charges (bolts, -1/4)
Alchemy Multipower:
[15 pts]  30 pt Reserve, 10 Charges (-1/4), Obvious Inaccessible Focus (bags, pouches, bottles, -1/2), Range Based On Str (-1/4)
  [3]  1) Potion of Strength - Aid (strength) 5d6
  [3]  2) Fire Bomb - Blast 6d6 energy (fire) damage
  [3]  3) Glue Bomb - Entangle 3d6 BODY, 3 PD/ 3 ED
  [3]  4) Flashbomb - Flash (sight group) 6d6
  [3]  5) Healing Drought - Heal 3d6

[10]  Distinctive Features - concealable with effort [10]  (his body has been twisted by the curse, does not resemble his own race)
[20]  Hunted by dark forces - as powerful [10], PC is easy to find [5], frequently [5]  (evil cults and the creator of the curse would like to release its power (by killing him))
[10]  Negative Reputation - almost always [15], known only to a select group [-5] (his curse makes him stink of dark magic to anyone sensitive)
[10]  Physical Complication: Small - 0.5m Reach, +6m Knockback - Infrequently, Slightly Impairing

    Another long character to make, but amazingly this time I don't mind.  The thing about the Hero System is that it takes a long time to make a character, but you can totally customize everything about that character - in a way even more than GURPS or other detailed games.  The first hour was making the standard character, hitting all the points I wanted.  Then I had a thought.  I had a few points leftover, and I read the Multipower rules, which let you share different effects under one main power; and I realized this would be perfect for his alchemy.  He has only so many powders and potions and ingredients on hand, but can mix them in creative ways depending on his need at the moment.  It took a while to read over all the multipower stuff and make sure I had it right (which I'm not totally sure of, this game more than any other yet rewards system knowledge).  So I managed to add a little coolness to the character by letting him make and throw a few bombs or potions that could give him special effects.  I was almost able to do this in Pathfinder, there is a pretty long list of alchemical items, but I didn't have enough money.  So this version is great since he can do his main thing, shutting down other magic users, and has a few extra options with his alchemy multipower.
    Also, with the Hero System you have to take a certain number of complications (ie, disadvantages).  You don't get any extra points for them however, which is a great way to limit the usual power inflation of people stocking up on too many limits (that usually end up not being limits at all).  I mention this just because the system made me think of something.  Trying to find things to take I saw the Hunted complication- which just means you have people after you.  So I thought, if he has this evil curse that's very powerful inside him, it makes sense some evil wizards are out there trying to steal its power (most likely having to kill him in the process).  Which adds a nice twist to his tale.  There was an Enemies (or similar) disadvantage in GURPS, but the lists were so long and unorganized (sorry, alphabetical does not count as organization, really wish some game book designers would realize that), plus I didn't need any extra points.  Here I had to take them and they were in one fairly short section.  So the system actually added something to his story.  I also liked that I could easily get his animal companion (something other systems have had trouble with).
    Oddly, while this took as long as GURPS to make, I would play this character instead of the GURPS one.  With GURPS all that detail didn't seem to really add anything, it was just a ton of numbers.  With the Hero System I feel like I actually got something for my time and effort, and managed to make a character that hit every single ability I wanted plus a few I hadn't thought of.  I am impressed.  I always liked the concept of the Hero System (basic powers you tailored to your needs) but last time I made a character for it was in High School when it was Champions.  I'd have to say this new system is even better.  Not sure how it plays, but it totally rocks for making a character.  Out of the bunch I think this wins for closest to concept (so far, plenty of systems to go).

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