Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Work In Progress

   It's been a while since I last posted, and not because I'm taking a break after the epic 1 Character, 13 Systems series.  I actually got to looking at Microlite20 again, having made a character for it in said series, and thought about how I would tweak it.  I like Microlite20 a lot, it is a great distillation of the d20 rules, but at the same time it is a little too simple for me.  So I wanted to try expanding the character creation into something a bit closer to the SRD yet still simplified.  This idea, like so many of mine, then spiraled out of control.  I'm now in the middle of creating an entire new game layer in-between the simplicity of Microlite20 and the insanity of the D&D3.5/Pathfinder SRD.  I'm going to start releasing a few parts of it, since this is turning into an Epic Project, to get some feedback, and I'll release the whole thing in PDF form when I'm done.  Currently I'm calling it Microlite 2d10 Fantasy.  More to come...

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