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1 Character, 13 Systems - Part 2: 13th Age

    I described my character, Korsanian, in a previous post here
    Now, let's see what he looks like in the 13th Age system:

Books Used: 13th Age core rulebook
Approximate time to create: 1 hr

Korsanian Vambrae  -  High Elf, Wizard (level 1)

Str  8  (-1)
Dex  8  (-1)
Con  8  (-1)
Int  20 (+4)
Wis  18 (+3)
Cha  10  (+0)

Combat Stats:
Hit Points (HP)- 15
Armor Class (AC)- 10
Physical Defense (PD)- 10
Mental Defense (MD)- 16
Initiative- +0
Recoveries- 8 (1d6-1)

One Unique Thing: carries a potent magical curse within his body, locked in his magical gift (which it has warped)

Icon Relationships:
Positive- Great Gold Wyrm (1) like the Wyrm, Korsanian has used his own body to contain an evil, which has earned him some support from the Wyrm's followers
Conflicted- Elf Queen (1) though he is an elf, he has been afflicted by the curse and left his homeland, which has led some elves to look down on him
Negative- The Diabolist (1) Korsanian believes that the curse came from The Diabolist or one of her puppets, he is currently investigating this suspicion

High Elf Racial Power:
Highblood Teleport- 1/battle with a Move-action can place himself at any nearby location he can see

High Elf Ranger +4 (tracking, land navigation, survival, identify plants and animals in a forest setting)
Student of Magic +2 (identify magic items, spells, arcane and divine)
Herbalist/Alchemist +2 (make/mix potions, poisons, special consumables)

Abjuration increase- Abjuration class talent bonus applies to PD as well as AC

Staff (2H)  +0 to hit  1d6-1 dmg
Dagger (1H)  +0 to hit  1d4-1 dmg
Hand Crossbow (2H)  +0 to hit  1d4-1 dmg


Flint and tinder, Money pouch (small), Backpack, Rain cloak, 5 days Rations, Sleeping roll, Waterskin, Common lantern, 8 hrs Oil, 50' Good rope, Blanket, 10 Candles; 9 GP, 8 SP

Class Abilities:
Cantrips - at-will minor effects like Alarm, Arcane Mark, Ghost Sound, Knock, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigitation, Spark
Cyclic Spells - spells with the Cyclic descriptor can be cast 1/battle, but are not used up for that battle when cast if the escalation die is even
Overworld Advantage - when in the Overworld all Daily spells become Recharge 16+
Ritual Magic - can cast out of combat ritual spells

Class Talents:
High Arcana - can memorize 2 daily spells, gain bonus spell "Counter-magic"
Wizard's Familiar - small animal, not normally tracked in combat; Counter-bite (1st foe to hit Korsanian in a battle takes auto 1d4 dmg); Scout (1/day can scout ahead)
Abjuration (feat-enhanced) - when casting a Daily spell gains +4 to AC and PD until the end of his next turn

Spells: (1st level slots- 5)
x2 Blur [Daily] target self or other; for rest of battle (or 5 min) all attacks have 20% miss chance against target (this is described as him absorbing some of the luck/random energy around/near the target, which is why he gets the Abjuration bonus with this spell (since the absorbed energy acts as a sort of armor))
Debilitating Field (aka Color Spray) [Cyclic] 1d4 nearby enemies in a group; Int + lvl vs MD; on hit does 2d8 psychic damage, targets with less than or equal to 10 HP after attack are Weakened until end of Korsanian's next turn (this is described as him draining the life/innate magic of anyone nearby)
Shield [Recharge 11+] free action, self; attacker must re-roll a to hit roll (this is a mild drain of life/magic, just enough to distract instead of damage)
Counter-magic [1/battle] Int + lvl vs MD of a creature casting a spell; if hits cancel the spell and creature loses the action to cast it, if the spell had a limited use subtract one charge if the natural attack roll was even (this is what holding the curse has done to his gift, he absorbs magic instead of letting it go in spell form)

    Given that this character idea came from the first 13th Age character I made, it's not surprising that the system does a pretty good job of making him.  I originally wanted him to be a Wood Elf, since they would be the ones logically patrolling the forest, but the 13th Age Wood Elf racial power did not really fit with the character, and the attribute bonus didn't work either.  Speaking of attributes, I used the point-buy method (28 pts total) to make his attributes, so that I would get exactly what I wanted and not the random luck of the dice.
    If possible, with the GM's permission, I would modify him a little bit.  The Ranger talent for an Animal Companion works better than the Wizard Familiar - the familiar does not really take part in combat, while the animal companion does/can.  Since Sovan, his pet, only fights in his defense and not as a general party warrior, I'd ask if I could swap familiar for companion.  I'd be willing to give up his feat for that exchange, the Abjuration class trait and feat is okay, it makes his Blur spell more defensive, but it's not totally within my character concept.  I would also be willing to swap the feat for Linguist if it was relevant to the campaign, since he was supposed to have studied the outside world for some time before leaving the forest.  I like the Ranger's Track class talent (and it's terrain stunt feature), it seems like something he might have (a leftover bit of his ranger training) and again I'd be willing to swap out something for it.
    I really don't like the ritual magic, the character idea is that he negates magic not actually, actively, casts it, so it doesn't quite fit.  Likewise the Cantrips class ability is not quite what I had imagined, though you could say that those minor magics are all the power he has left to actively effect the non-magical world.  I have no idea what the hell the Overworld Advantage is good for, it seems pretty limited.  Abjuration is also a throw-away ability and feat, it kind of works and I can sort of see how I described it, but I'm not sure what real use it is (except under limited circumstances).  I really wish his Counter-magic could work more often, it's the center point of the character concept, at least Cyclic would be nice instead of only once a battle (and the Abjuration effect would go a lot better with it instead of Blur).  I was proud of myself for re-defining Color Spray to be something useful, but Shield was a stretch.  There were also other spells he could have taken: the Utility spell, Acid Arrow, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Ray of Frost, and Shocking Grasp but none of them fit with his concept, so his spell selection is very, very limited (more so than the already limited spells in the book).  I wanted his Herbalism/Alchemy background to give him some other combat options, but sadly there is no list of alchemy items like with Pathfinder.
    Overall he's not bad.  Close enough to my concept that I'd like to try playing him.  Wish there were a few more spells, maybe something along the "detect" lines that I'd also like to be capable of, but oh well.

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